Good Health Wins

With Iota Phi Theta!

Promoting Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines
Along With Identifying and Implementing Strategies
To Reduce Racial And/Or Ethnic Disparities
In Vaccination Coverage.

Iotas In Action

See Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. in action, as our International Grand Polaris, Bro. Dr. Sean D. Housen, Sr., discusses how we contribute to the mission of Good Health WINs.

Rally The Cry

The Fraternity continues to lead members on The Road to Good Health with the light of our Polaris and GHWs support, which is why brothers of Iota serving as Trusted Messengers at the community-level will be the key to success for the Good Health WINs (GHWs) campaign.

Iota’s Assemble

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. unites as Trusted Messengers, amplifying the voice of truth and empowerment in our communities, as we rally behind the cry for equitable access to lifesaving vaccines through the CDC’s Bridge Access Program.


Create a network of national and local partners.


Timely immunizations protect us from preventable disease.


Contribute to the collective effort by spreading awareness, providing support, and actively participating in initiatives aimed at promoting the accessibility and importance of the CDC’s Bridge Access Program for COVID-19 vaccination.


Identify the barriers and gaps in vaccine accessibility within our communities, empowering us to effectively address disparities and ensure that every individual can benefit from the CDC’s Bridge Access Program.


Strategy and Mission

Brothers of Iota will continue educating our members on vaccine awareness and outreach strategies; employ best practices from high performing chapters in the Fraternity; and increase attendance at GHWs Community of Practice (CoP) sessions.


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